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Anniversary ideas

An anniversary on a yacht is the best solution. Many of the owners provide charters at night. Booking a yacht for a night charter and going to celebrate your wedding anniversary will be the best solution. Many holidays are celebrated on the yacht: bachelorette party, birthday party, graduation party, Labor Day and others. Celebrating an anniversary on a yacht is very romantic and modern.

Catering on the yacht on the anniversary

The best solution for the anniversary will be to order catering on a yacht. Imagine, you are sailing on a luxury yacht, your loved one is next to you, your delicious food is being prepared for you, you are drinking champagne, watching the most beautiful views.

If you order catering from a company, it is very important to coordinate the delivery time with them, because, for example, you booked a yacht for 10: 00 am, charter from 10: 00 am to 14: 00 pm, you order 15 minutes earlier, they are always late, your vacation can turn into a waste of time, you may not get the full pleasure. Catering should arrive exactly at the time when the charter is booked. Imagine that the catering was an hour late. All the guests have gathered, the yacht is ready to sail, the yacht will be waiting under the contract, regardless of when the catering arrives, your charter is already in the process. Let’s say a charter for 4 hours costs $ 2,500, $ 625 per hour is a delay in your meals on board, on the yacht.

You can also use the restaurant or buy everything you need at the grocery store.

Decorator on the yacht on the anniversary

An anniversary is always romantic. I want to spend this day in a special way. In this case, you can decorate the yacht the way you want and give an atmosphere to the holiday. Decorators who have been working in this field for several years and will do everything in the best style can come to your aid. If you have an anniversary, then the best color in the design will be red and white.

Know! Before calling the decorator, coordinate this moment with the owner of the yacht so that he can give you time to prepare and design. Especially if you have booked a charter on the weekend, ask the owner to come half an hour earlier.

Additional expenses on the yacht

When booking a yacht for an anniversary, it is necessary to take into account additional expenses that may be required. We will help you with this and calculate.
1. Yacht rental. It depends on the size of the yacht, the anniversary date and other factors. The price can vary from $500 to $3000 for 4 hours.
2. Catering. It depends on what exactly you prefer, what kind of alcohol you will drink. On average, if you count on 13 people, then $90 per person.
3. Decorator. It depends on the degree of professionalism of the decorator, on average, $ 30 per person. If you count on 13 people.

Water toys on a yacht on the anniversary

If you have booked a charter for daytime, and the weather is sunny outside, be sure to use water toys. Each owner provides water toys, which are included in the charter price. These can be toys such as: paddle board, water mattress, water scooter, jet ski and others.
The jet ski must be booked at a separate cost. Check this point when booking a charter, the owner will help you book it and tell you the time. In Miami, Florida, jet ski costs $150 an hour. If your charter falls on a day off, then it is worth booking jet ski as early as possible.
Each owner makes a stop for a few hours in his itinerary, where you can swim, ride a jet ski, join another yacht and arrange various contests.