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Bachelorette party on a yacht 2022

A very popular destination when renting a yacht is the celebration of a bachelorette party. A bachelorette party on a yacht is a unique way to celebrate your holiday in the best conditions. You can choose any boat to your taste and send it on a trip.
Each owner has his own program: someone offers an already developed route, which includes islands and a stop where we can swim, ride a jet ski, join another yacht and have a party. Someone offers their route and a party on a yacht, without stopping, someone goes straight to the place where the rest of the yachts are parked and there you have fun. Each owner will offer you something that will be to your liking, we can also discuss all the points that are interesting to you and plan your event so that you will remember it for a long time.

The yacht also celebrates such events as: birthday party, anniversary, mother’s Day, father’s Day, Thanksgiving day, Labor Day, baby showers and other boat parties

What do you need to know during a bachelorette party on a yacht?

Going to celebrate a bachelorette party on a yacht, be sure to clarify a couple of points that will help you spend your party in the best possible way. We give you tips and life hacks on how to choose the right boat and what to pay attention to, because it is important to us that you spend this day in pleasure.
1. Ask the owner before booking if it is possible to hold parties on this yacht. Many owners are not allowed to have a party on the yacht, bring their own alcohol, there are no speakers, etc. Therefore, your first question should be: is this a party boat?
2. If the owner of the yacht allows parties to be held on it, then pay attention to the presence of speakers. This is a very important part on the yacht, without them you will be very bored, you will have to take a portable speaker, carry it everywhere, listen to different music in different zones. This is very inconvenient and spoils your holiday, so choose a yacht with speakers.
3. Location and route. Before booking a yacht, specify the location. The marina where the yacht is parked can be very far from places where you can swim or enjoy the scenery. If you book a boat for 4 hours, then the route may take a total of 2 hours, of which you will only be able to rest and swim for 2 hours. This is most unprofitable for you.
4. Is alcohol allowed on the yacht? An equally important question when planning a bachelorette party. Many owners provide a stewardess on board, which is included in the cost of renting a yacht. She usually has her own bartender’s kit, with which she will prepare cocktails for you. Someone provides a boat for rent without a stewardess, but they allow it with their own alcohol.
These were the main points to which it is better to listen to in order to enjoy the fun and your bachelorette party.

Bachelorette Party Gifts on a Yacht

The USA has its own modern traditions when it comes to a bachelorette party, such as the bride and her bridesmaids wearing one item of clothing of the same color.

The online store,, offers a huge selection of gifts for spending time together at parties, some idea being:


In the meantime, don’t worry about gift or party ideas. We’ve got you covered.

Water toys during a bachelorette party on a yacht

If you decide to celebrate a bachelorette party on a yacht, then take care of water toys. Many yacht owners offer their toys, the cost of which is already included. It can be a water mattress, a jet ski, a paddle board, an underwater hydro scooter and more. Water toys will give your party a special mood. Therefore, check with the owner if he has water toys, and also ask about the cost. Someone offers toys for free, and someone takes money for it.
Also, it is very popular to rent a jet ski. Few owners have their own jet ski, they usually park a yacht where jet skis are rented. You can contact the owner in advance with a request to book a jet ski for you for a certain time.

Contests and games during a bachelorette party on a yacht

During a bachelorette party on a yacht, it is important to observe the theme of the holiday. There are various online stores that offer to order the same swimwear, glasses, hats and much more. A bachelorette party on a yacht is very beautiful, so you should take advantage of this and arrange a photo shoot. One of the owners offers Drone Gay, with which your entire charter will be captured, you will be filmed and photographed, and after the charter they send photos.
You can also order your photographer and get beautiful pictures on a yacht in swimsuits and with cocktails.
Do not forget about different attributes, it can be the same glasses, signs, decor and more. Also think about contests and games. Usually girlfriends make posters and various signs on which there are various games. It can be: a bottle game, truth or action and more. It’s worth buying attributes for each game, then it will give your party and hen party its own atmosphere.

Will you choose a night or day charter for your bachelorette party on a yacht?

More and more often we began to receive offers to book a charter at night. Here it is necessary to coordinate with the owner of the yacht. Not every owner sends his yacht to a night charter, but if you have found someone who will do it – that’s great!
A night charter has its own atmosphere, you are the sender of a yacht trip, there will be a lot of lights and lanterns around you, which creates a beautiful picture. You can arrange a photo shoot, have a party on a yacht and in the water, teaming up with other yachts.
A day charter will give you the sun, good weather and a large number of other yachts that you can join. You can sunbathe, ride a jet ski and admire the views around.
Both day and night charter are beautiful in their own way, it is worth focusing only on your choice.

Catering on a yacht for a bachelorette party

Catering on a yacht during a bachelorette party plays a huge role. This should be taken care of in advance. There are several options for drinks and food on the yacht. Our customers mostly bought food and drinks on their own. Each owner allows the yacht with their own drinks and food, the only condition is that there is no red wine.
Catering will decorate your party, bring you positive emotions. If your party is held in a themed style, you can prepare cool cocktails suitable for the style of a bachelorette party. There are many companies that provide food and drinks to the yacht. You should choose only proven people. We care about you and want your party to go the best way.

The Budget Breakdown for a bachelorette party on a boat

When organizing a bachelorette party, it is extremely important to understand how much money we can spend. Are the bride and her friends confused about the amount of money needed to buy alcohol and book a yacht? Don’t worry in any way! The company “Boatrentalowner” continues to help you. We will help you with a budget scheme that includes all services and their cost. So you just need to save it and act on the plan.


  1.  If you have 13 people and you book a yacht for 4 hours, the cost of your budget per person will be only $ 357.5.
    Yacht rental for one person is $ 196, and booking for 4 hours costs $ 2,550. This is as an example to you.
  2. Alcohol/food – $90 per person if there are 13 of you;
  3. Decorations, yacht decor – $ 30 per person, if you are 13 people;
  4. Swimwear, hats, bags – $ 30 per person if you are 13 people;
  5. Jet ski rental – the cost of one jet ski is $ 150. If you order one, each girl has to pay $11.5.

If you have 10 people on board and you book a yacht for 6 hours, the cost per person will be $ 480.


  1. Rent a yacht for one person – $ 295, even if you have 10 people, and the cost of 6 hours is $ 2950.
  2. Alcohol/food – $100 per person;
  3. Yacht decoration/decor – USD 40 per person;
  4. Swimwear, hats, bags and other accessories for a bachelorette party – $ 30 per person;
  5. Jet ski rental – When renting for 10 people, everyone has to pay $ 15.
  6. If you have recruited 12 people and booked a yacht for 8 hours, everyone will pay $ 442.5.

Rent a yacht for one person – 270 dollars, if the total cost is 3250 dollars;


  1. Alcohol/food – $100 per person;
  2. Yacht decoration/decor – USD 30 per person;
  3. Swimwear, hats, bags and other accessories – $ 30 per person;
  4. Jet ski rental – 12.5 dollars per person.

Questions and answers

Who pays for what during a bachelorette party?

Who Pays for the Bachelorette Party Traditionally? Typically, the maid of honor and bridesmaids split the cost of the bachelorette party. The bride’s expenses (including her drinks, meals, and transportation) are split evenly between the bridal party. Girlfriends arrange a surprise for the bride and organize everything on their own. Expenses are divided in half. The place is chosen independently, based on the preferences of the bride and bridesmaids.

How much is it to rent a yacht for a day in the Bahamas on a bachelorette party?

A Bahamas boat rental car range from $785 to $2,400/day if you are looking for a motor boat. If you are thinking about a sailboat rental, they may start around $300/day plus extras. Catamaran charters are the most popular way to sail The Bahamas and they can range from $550 to $1,500/day.

Here’s what not to do at a bachelorette party?

  • Don’t complain about money
    You should know this right off the bat, bachelorette parties can get pricey. Instead of spending the evening talking about your financial woes with the bride, set a budget for yourself and try your best to stay within it. If the party is really beyond your means (like, if it involves a plane trip) do the responsible thing and sit this one out – you can always party with the bride at her reception.
  • Do not invite additional friends
    After the bride has approved the guest list, you do not need to fill in the empty seats at the table. She probably has her own reasons for not letting certain people in, so don’t get involved. If your best friend is not in the frame, plan another day with her, this party is dedicated to the bride and her team.
  • Don’t let the bride pay the bills
    This event should be free for the guest of honor. Instead of letting her pay the bill at a restaurant or bar, chip in with other guests to pay the bill.