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Labor Day on a yacht 2022

Labor Day is an unofficial end of summer day. On this day, everyone is going to spend the summer and take a break from the stressful three months of hard work. Someone arranges a barbecue in the backyard, someone organizes a picnic, someone rents a yacht and goes on a trip. Everyone finds something to do that he likes.
Various holidays are often celebrated on the yacht and parties are organized: bachelorette party, birthday, graduation and others.
We provide a yacht catalog, each of you can find a suitable boat for a party. Our website is unique in that here you can call the owner directly and book a yacht. No commissions.

What nuances do you need to know when booking a yacht?

Each owner has its own rules and nuances that you need to know about and we will clarify for ourselves.
1. Find out if the boat is designed for parties? Many owners do not allow parties on board. They are afraid for the interior. Therefore, your first question should be whether this is a party boat.
2. Does the owner provide a stewardess? This is very important, it is worth paying attention to. The stewardess is your assistant on the boat. She will make cocktails, look after the children, help with everything, clean up and more. Not every owner provides a stewardess, someone has it included in the price of the yacht, someone offers it for an additional cost.

3. What route does the owner provide? You can discuss with him the details of your route, as a rule, the owners always make stops for 1-2 hours so that you can swim, ride a jet ski, join another yacht, arrange a dance battle and more.

These are the main issues. Be sure to ask the owner of the charter license, as well as insurance, if necessary. to avoid unforeseen situations.

What can I do on a yacht?

We need to decide on the food. The refrigerator is limited in food storage. You don’t need to order a lot of ice cream, there is a limit in the refrigerator, and the food can go bad. If you have contacts in the field of catering, you need to understand that not all companies will be able to cook food for you, someone likes Mexican cuisine, someone Japanese, you need to clarify everything, what kind of food you can provide.
You can also buy it yourself or order it in a restaurant.

Almost every owner provides water toys, it can be: a water mattress, paddle board, Underwater Scooter and others. They also make stops for an hour or 2 so that you can swim, join another boat and have a water party. Various contests and games.

Organizing a labor day on a boat

When planning a labor day, you need to understand what other expenses will be required.
1. Catering. Be sure to think about food and drinks. You can use the grocery store, restaurant or catering service. It is necessary to calculate the cost of catering, for about 13 people at $ 90.
2. Decorator. If you have a labor day, you always want to decorate the yacht in a special way, so they resort to the help of a decorator who will decorate the yacht for every taste and color. If 13 people chip in, then you can spend $30 on a decorator.

3. Photographer. If you are having a party on a yacht, it would be a great solution to invite a photographer who will capture incredible shots. The photographer will be able to take unusual shots on a luxury yacht and with beautiful views. 40 $ / person.

4. A jet ski, the cost of which is $ 150 per hour. You can order a jet ski, which will add positive emotions to your rest.

Alcoholic beverages on the Labor Day boat

Before renting a yacht for a party, check with the owner or broker whether it is possible to bring alcoholic beverages on the yacht, since many of them prohibit it. They do this so that you don’t mess up the yacht’s platform. Many owners are sympathetic to you and your party and allow you to bring alcohol to the yacht. Always clarify this question so that there is no misunderstanding.