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Party boat rental

Do you have a party planned and are you thinking how to celebrate it? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it! The best party is a boat party! We provide you with a huge selection of various boats that will suit you. What is our difference? We provide the numbers of the owners, with this you will be able to contact them directly and discuss all the nuances! Celebrate a bachelorette party, birthday, anniversary and other holidays with us.

In order to plan a party on a yacht, you need to know a few nuances that we will tell you.

Number of guests on the party boat

Before planning the number of guests and booking a boat, ask the owner what the capacity on his yacht is. Boats up to 55 ft usually accommodate up to 8 guests, yachts over 55 ft 13 and more. It all depends on the city where the yacht is located and on the size itself.
In Florida, there is a law on luxury yachts, which allows up to 13 people to be allowed on the boat. Therefore, do not skip this point and be sure to check this nuance with the owner before the armor.

What is included in the price of the boat?

Before going on a charter, you need to ask what is included in the cost of renting a boat?
Deposit. In order to book a yacht and your date, you need to make a deposit. Many owners have a deposit already included in the cost of renting a yacht, some do not. This issue needs to be discussed immediately
Water toys. Almost every boat owner provides you with water toys for your party. As a rule, this is a water mattress, paddle board and more. They offer to book a jet ski for a separate cost.
Stewardess. You need to be very careful here. Usually the yacht rental price includes mate, this is the captain’s assistant. He will not serve and help you, his task is to help the captain. A stewardess is required for guests. For some owners, it is already included in the price and you do not need to worry about it. Somewhere they offer a stewardess for a fee.
The stewardess is your main assistant, her duties include: making you cocktails, cleaning up after you, helping and more.

Water, ice and champagne. This is an added bonus for you. When renting yachts from some owners, the price includes water, ice or champagne.

How to spend time on a party boat

Going to a party on a boat, you need to think about what you and your friends will do. As mentioned above, the owners provide you with water toys, and usually the route includes a stop where you can swim, dive, join another boat and ride a jet ski.
Booking a boat for a bachelorette party, the girls come up with various contests, come up with themed parties for their birthday and decorate everything in the same style.
If you want your party to be held in the best way, contact the boat owners for help, they will definitely help you and tell you which catering companies should be ordered, which decorations are better to use and more.

Catering by boat to a party

Catering on the yacht is an integral part of the party. It can be different snacks, delicious cocktails, hot dishes, your favorite cuisine and everything that you and your friends like. To choose a catering company, it is better to consult with the owners of the boats or those who have already ordered.

Many of our customers buy their own food and drinks on their own. It can be anything but red wine. Many owners do not allow a yacht with red wine.Think over the catering options in advance so that your party and your birthday will be held in the best possible way. And the boat owners and captains will help you with this.

Water toys on a boat to a party

Water toys on the yacht will add color to your party. Each owner provides their own water toys, which are included in the yacht rental price or must be purchased for an additional fee. These can be the following water toys: paddle board, water mattress, jet ski, water scooter and others.
Thanks to water toys, you can get positive emotions from your birthday. Each owner includes in his itinerary a stop for a few hours, where you will have the opportunity to dive from the yacht, swim, swim. At this stop, you can team up with other yachts and arrange various games and contests with water toys. For many captains, this is a common practice, they know specially designated places where it is possible to combine yachts together.

​​​​​​​Party boat rental chicago

A boat party in Chicago is the best solution! Parties are held in any city and state of the USA. We provide yacht rentals in Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, the Bahamas and Fort Lauderdale. So you can book any boat for your party in Chicago! Our owners and captains will help you to understand all the nuances and difficulties, if you have any.

Questions and answers

What boats are used for parties?

Here are our top 10 boat options ideal for entertaining and family fun: 

  1. Bowriders;
  2. Cabin Cruisers;
  3. Sailboats;
  4. Pontoon Boats;
  5. Motor Yachts;
  6. Motor Yachts/Power Cruisers.

How much does it cost to rent a party boat NYC?

For party boat rentals in NYC, starting prices are at $2,600/day to accommodate up to 12 people on board. For mega yacht charters, expect the costs to be between $12,000/day to $16,000/day with capabilities of accommodating up to 400 guests onboard.

How much is it to rent a yacht for a day in NYC?

Renting a yacht for a day costs anywhere from $1,200 to $4,000 plus. Renting a private yacht is a very detailed experience that caters to your exact needs while onboard one of our luxury yachts