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Baby shower on a yacht

Baby shower is a wonderful, touching and sensual holiday for parents expecting a baby and their relatives. This holiday is celebrated when the expectant mother is 32 weeks pregnant. The concept of this event implies fun, a meeting of all relatives and relatives. Where everyone gives gifts to the expectant mother and baby. The holiday is filled with love. Parents like to organize contests where all the invitees try themselves as parents.
Baby showers are celebrated both at home and on a yacht. This is an event where a narrow circle of people gathers. Therefore, you can go on a yacht trip, where there will be incredible beautiful views of the ocean, your loved ones and an atmosphere filled with love.

Yachts are booked for almost all events. This is a unique way to share incredible emotions with your family and friends. Go on a cruise or a trip on a yacht, where you will be served by a waiter, your personal catering. It’s all wonderful! Yachts are booked for the following events: bachelorette party, birthday party, anniversary party, graduation party, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day and any other party on the boat.

What to do in Baby shower on a yacht?

Celebrating a baby shower on a yacht is a great idea. You can realize your idea right on the yacht, and the decorator will help you with this. Baby shower is mainly made as a themed party. Decorate everything in the same color, depending on who is born. Prepare props for contests, it can be children’s toys, various children’s items. For decoration, signs, creative glasses, balls, tablecloths in the theme of the holiday and more are used.
You can hire a decorator for an additional fee, having previously discussed all the details with him. Be sure to inform the owner in advance that you will have a decorator so that he can allocate you time not included in the charter to decorate the yacht. If charters come close, difficulties may arise.
If you plan to hire catering, contact only trusted companies that will not let you down. Many of them may be late, which reduces your time on the yacht. If you have a charter at 4 pm, and the catering arrives only at 5 o’clock, then you lose an hour of your time. Be sure to think about this moment.
Almost every owner provides water toys, which are included in the price of the yacht. These can be: jet ski, water mattress, paddle board and more. Water toys will help you create a festive atmosphere and have fun.
When you have a beautifully decorated yacht for your theme, catering, water toys, prepared contests – your party will go well! The yacht is a great place to hold a Baby shower, where you will get incredible emotions from the trip and remember it for a long time! We want to help you in choosing a yacht. We provide you with a yacht catalog where you can choose the right one for your holiday!

Baby shower on a yacht gifts

Gifts for a baby shower are any little things to an unborn child, or an expensive and worthwhile gift. It can be nipples, and bottles, and various decorations. The choice is huge, we provide you with several options:

Gifts are an important part of the holiday. Girlfriends are thrown off for one big gift, such as: a crib for a baby, a stroller and other accessories. Or each to give separately what she wants.

How many guests can I invite to the boat in baby shower?

When you are just planning a party, you immediately have the question of how many guests you would like to invite. Baby shower is a party for a narrow circle of people. Therefore, the yacht is a great place for a party.
Each state has its own rules and laws, according to which up to 13 people can be allowed on a luxury boat. Such a law is in force in Florida. Therefore, to make this task easier for you, when adding a yacht, we ask each owner to specify the maximum number of people allowed. You can observe in our catalog in the card of each yacht the number of people.
We want your party to be great! We help you in choosing a yacht, we have listed all the most necessary parameters of the boat, so that it is easier for you to decide.